Probably not. Because if you did, your signups and sales would be increasing, little by little. You'd be getting people contacting you about what you're promoting, and asking you for your links. You'd be making friends in the community - real friends, not just spammy friends.

I really didn't get Sweeva at first. All I knew is everybody saw the same page at the same time. Big Deal, right?

But then they comment on the pages. Ask "who are you?" "where's your picture?" Why do they wanna know that? I'm just trying to sell stuff.

Well, they want to know that so they can get to know, like and trust you - and then they *buy* from you. They sign up to your programs, they read your blogs.

Sweeva is social. Like everything else on the internet is becoming. You can't escape it - so, good marketers learn to go with it.

You know you're a good marketer - so let's figure out how to take it to the next level.

Inside you'll also see the secrets of Jerry Iannucci, Tom Wacker, Janelle Pineau, Marcus Wahl, John Novak, Matt Baker, Scott Rohn, Marian Gurowicz, Geri Gerstner, Nick Grimshawe and Eric Goettman.

Rarely do you see all those brilliant Sweeva minds all in one place!

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